About Sheri


Sheri Hubbs creates images that are unforgettable, award winning and loved. Her imagery captures vulnerability, purity, and the surreal beauty in children from around the country. Melding her passion for photography with her love of fine art has allowed her to develop images into a higher art form. The visual drama and artistry of Sheri’s work inspires viewers to take a deep breath and behold frail and tender moments in time.

Sheri’s work has been featured in a myriad of major media outlets, from magazine publications, TV shows including, Animal Planet, wildlife planet, an alternate for Top Photographer, and various articles and awards around the country. Her education includes a BFA degree of fine arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Sheri serves Oregon and beyond where she lives with her husband and two children. When she is not creating art, she loves the outdoors, crafting, and being with her family.

A fine art photograph should be technically and visually stunning, capable of evoking a deep emotional response within the viewer, while establishing a personal connection. From the camera to the software, I infuse my distinctive style into each stage of the process.